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To be auctioned June 5, 2024

Originally acquired by American expatriate family living in Philippines who became prisoners of war during WWII

Caza Sikes, in Cincinnati, Ohio is offering a pair of important works by the “Grand Old Man of Philippine Art”, Fernando Amorsolo (Filipino, 1892-1972) on June 5, 2024. The pair of oils are classic subjects for the revered artist, capturing the spirit of Filipino traditional culture.

The paintings, featuring a “lavandera” or laundress at a river bank, and another larger example of a rice harvest, were purchased in 1955 by American Hazel Goodier (1904-1998). The Goodier family moved to the Philippines beginning in 1934, to pursue mining opportunities.

When the Japanese military entered the Philippines during World War II, every member of the family was interned in the civilian concentration camp at Santo Tomas University, beginning in early January 1942. The over 3000 internees in the camp petitioned their captors for permission to form committees to maintain some semblance of normal life, including organizing a school for the children. Hazel, with her teaching degree, served as one of the teachers.

After 3 years of great hardship and deprivation, the internees were liberated on February 3, 1945. Although most of the family returned to the United States soon after the war ended, George Percy and Hazel remained in the Philippines as he tried to recoup what was lost of his business. He died in October 1953, having never regained his health after interment. Hazel and their daughter Beth (1937-1985), lived in Pasay City near Manila, where Hazel taught at The American School from January 1947 to late March 1956.

The paintings have remained in the family until today.  Recently, they were rediscovered as a feature on the hit PBS’ television series The Antiques Roadshow.



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