Private Appraisal Events and Talks

You can have your own personal antiques appraisal or continuing education event with Graydon Sikes.

Graydon Sikes is a partner at Caza Sikes, and a featured appraiser appearing on popular antiques-related television programs.

Learn more about Graydon’s credentials and television work here.

Graydon is available for both in-person and virtual (during COVID) events. Make an inquiry using the form below.

Below is an example of content usually delivered to groups and companies. Whether you are seeking a fun engagement event for your employees, or useful information for continuing education, the session can be tailored to your specific needs.

Example of a Talk for Professional Development

Hanging Assets: What to do when an estate contains valuable art and antiquities
The practice of quick and equitable distribution of an estate becomes much more complicated when the assets include art, collectibles and antiquities. Determining and eventually garnering value from these items can be a tricky and multi-step process, but one that can be very fruitful to the beneficiaries, done correctly. Graydon Sikes, Antiques Roadshow appraiser and owner of Caza Sikes, talks through the process of identifying, assigning value, and deaccessioning an estate collection in a timely and pain free manner.

Example of a Talk for Client Entertainment / Fun / Appraisal

That jug in the corner, and other true tales from an Antiques Roadshow appraiser
Love them or mock them, everyone knows the wildly popular antiques appraisal shows on television. Hear Graydon Sikes recount true stories of found treasure and hilarious tales of misidentified pieces of junk, in an interactive session for your group. Each guest can bring one household item to be appraised on-site during this session where the group will undoubtedly leave with more knowledge than they arrived.

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