I am a colorist and an interpreter of light in nature.

I may or may not have been born that way, in any case it didn’t take long to take root. Raised on a nursery I absorbed the colors of the beginning, growth and inevitable departure of plants. As a child I worked with my dad on the nursery and greenhouses watching him start new trees from tiny cuttings.

From the pale pastels of spring through the bright greens of summer to the spectrum of earth tones in autumn, I learned and grew to love the constantly changing colors of the seasons. It wasn’t only the landscape transforming each day, but also the color of the air that embraced the altered landscape that fueled my fascination with the dimensions of color.

Nature and her ever changing wardrobe continue to offer new inspirations each day. Each individual painting is its own journey of finding the color and light in the landscape. My tools and methods are constantly evolving, but my inspiration is steady in my love of earth and her beauty that took root in me as a child on the nursery.