Using traditional glassblowing methods thousands of years old, David Goldhagen creates each piece individually, working with molten glass at temperatures in excess of 2000°F. His pieces capture a palette that moves from subtle to bold by the incorporation of bits of colored glass made from various mixtures of metallic oxides and rare earth elements, such as silver, cobalt, gold, copper, dichroics and others. Each piece begins as a gathering of molten clear glass on the end of a five-foot blowpipe. Colors are then meticulously layered and manipulated on the surface, creating intricate patterns and movement within the sculpture. The design is then encased in another layers of crystal. Each piece is then either mouth blown or hand sculpted. His asymmetrical pods require unusual strength and mastery of technique, harnessing the fiery momentum, climaxing as the piece opens and spins out in one continuous movement. Some of these extraordinary pieces are in excess of 40” in diameter




North Carolina State University, Art Center, Permanent Collection

North Carolina Museum of History

Tucson Museum of Art, Permanent Collection, Tucson, AZ

Beth David Congregation, Harold & Vivian Beck Museum of Judaica

The Coca Cola Company

Walt Disney World

Arvida Corporation

R.J. Reynolds Industries, Incorporated 

Shamrock Management Corporation

May Apparel - Ivy’s of California

City of Winter Park, Florida Public Library

Sembler Corporation

Schuman Collection, Albany Museum of Art, Albany, GA

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Price Waterhouse


Merrill Lynch

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Beth El Congregation