Born in Philidelphia and a lifelong artist, H.M. Saffer II graduated from Temple University in 1965 and traveled to Paris to take Graduate economics courses, then he began performing musically alongside notable French stars such as Hugues Aufray, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, and many others. While the owner and chef of two resturaunts in Paris, HM never stopped painting and exhibiting in sold out showings. Before returning to the United States he completed studies at L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts and exhibited in Paris and Brussels. He cowrote the international hit “Look What They Done to my Song, Ma” performed by Ray Charles, and while at his career kept him in the studio at Warner Brothers he painted a forty foot mural. Throughout, his art continues to thrive and refine- he would eventually begin to study the art of Japanese brush painting, Sumi-e in 1981 and then leave for Japan in 1983 to train under Japanese masters. HM adopted these techniques and applied them to Western styles of painting. Returning to the US once again, HM took residence in New York in 1994 and began melding his multiple styles of art together in a path of interpersonal visual expression.