Caza Sikes is a full service personal property appraisal firm that offers appraisals for the purposes of estate, capital gains, insurance, damage,  and resale. The firm’s consulting services include estate liquidation,  investment strategies, insurance reviews, collection management, museum, gallery, and auction house liaisons. We conduct research studies and appraisals of personal property, specializing in fine art paintings and sculpture, decorative arts and collectibles (pottery, porcelain, glass, silver, furniture), antiques, fine wine, jewelry, stamps and coins. Clients include galleries, auction houses, estates, artist’s estates, educational institutions, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals internationally.



Insurance Coverage and Loss

  • Reports written to the highest insurance industry standards
  • Independent Evaluation by appraisers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry
  • Bound and Certified Reports containing photographs and complete descriptions of each item appraised
  • Professional Photography Services when appropriate to the value of the collection 
  • Retail Replacement Cost Estimations based on relevant premium retail market analysis 
  • Consultation on the appropriate inclusion of particular items

Equitable Distribution and Sale Estimation

  • Market Value Estimations based on relevant sales of similar assets on markets 
  • Consultation to control appraisal fees when items are not of sufficient value to warrant the development of a written report 

Collection Documentation and Risk Management

Independent advisors offering fully transparent fees, operating without hidden interest are rare.  The major risks associated with building a high-value collection, including an independent assessment of value and exploration of authenticity and provenance, can be best managed by engaging an independent, experienced advisor ... but only if that advisor is working for you alone. 

All collections benefit from accurate inventory, documentation and curation.  We provide a detailed, illustrated, inventory list, as well as condition reports and recommendations for stewardship of your collection.  Accession or deaccesion services are provided strictly on an hourly fee-for-service basis.  We do not accept or provide referral fees, often ranging as high as 20%, when art is purchased or sold. This protects our clients from inherent bias and helps ensure maximum value.     

Collection Documentation Services include: A detailed description of each work including materials, dimensions and distinguishing characteristics, professional photographs of each work, including signature, verso details inscriptions and labels, provenance and exhibition history research, and documentation of purchase history. Where indicated and desired, proper authentication services may also be accomplished, as well as research into clear title. For important collections, records are also retained of works which have been donated, lent for exhibition or sold.   




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