Ursula Roma  | The Masterworks of Ursula Roma: Heroes + Villains

Opening: October 6th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through October 29th)

"I have been making found-object constructions for over 25 years. My appreciation for the elegant beauty of common objects inspires me to create art from discarded or broken items. This work is a bit of nostalgia mixed with a practical blending of natural elements using ferrous and non-ferrous metals with wood. Composed of diverse pieces, my constructions combine an array of unrelated items into a unified work. The shape of the object helps determine its fate as it guides me in creating its ultimate destiny.

This series is a combination of figurative and abstract constructions – some with stories, many with scars." -Ursula Roma



Cole Carothers  |  40 Year Retrospective

Opening: Friday, November 3, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through November 27th)

This exhibition compiles over 40 years of Cole's work created while he was living in Cincinnati. Four decades of exceptional paintings, including new and unseen works as well as those in collections, will run November 6th-26th.

A Cincinnati native, Cole Carothers recieved his BA from Colorado college in 1971 and his MFA from American University in 1978. While teaching and working in multiple universities (including the Cincinnati Art Academy) Cole Carothers continued to paint and participate in exhibitions across the United States. He has permanent collections in the Cincinnati Art Museum, University of Kentucky Art Museum, Georgetown College, Lakeland College, and University of Cincinnati. From 2011-2013 his paintings were hung in the Ohio Governor's executive offices in Columbus, Ohio, and has a current Installation in the U.S. Ambassador's office in Nairobi, Kenya.