Patrick Adams & Rick Koehler  |  

Opening: Friday, March 2nd, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through March 31st)

Combining two of Caza Sike’s fine artists, this exhibition showcases the detailed realism of Rick Koehler and the free-flowing abstraction of Patrick Adams. Both artists focus on the deep serenity of nature and its impressive beauty, illustrating the outdoors in unique and breathtaking ways. 
Patrick Adams was born in Worthington, Minnesota, and received his BA at Winona State University in 1989 and his MFA at the University of Kentucky in 1992. He received a Teaching Assistant position in 1990-92 at the University of Kentucky and the AI Smith Fellowship and Professional Assistance Award from the Kentucky Arts Council in 1998 and 2000, and has shown in many solo exhibitions from 2001-2017.
Rick Koehler discovered his love of painting at 61 after working as at the company he cofounded in 1979. Only 16 months into his painting career, he was accepted as a signature member of Cincinnati Art Club. He was awarded the Artists’ Choice award at his first show, ViewPoint 45, and took away Best in Show at the Hyde Park Art Show in 2016. Most of Koehler’s work showcases his love of nature and the inspiration he finds in painting plein air.
This wonderful exhibition will open March 2nd through March 31st. 


Susan Mahan & Mark Wiesner  |  

Opening: Friday, April 6th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through April 29th)

Combining two of Caza Sike’s mixed media artists, this exhibition shows the innovative work of Mark Weisner and the delicate pieces of Susan Mahan. These Cincinnati artists both create amazing displays from material like cardboard and paper, and astound viewers with their creativity.

After graduating from Miami University, Susan Mahan taught art to high school students for over 30 years. She earned a Master’s degree in Art / Education from Xavier University where she later taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Art Department. She has won numerous awards such as the Lifetime Achievement Award at Art Comes Alive, a nationally juried exhibition. Her work is in many corporate collections, including the permanent collection of Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the United coalition of Animals.

An art educator for 39 years, Mark Wiesner’s work exemplifies mixed media and innovation. His beautiful re-creations of natural scenes with corrugated cardboard and wood invite the viewer to question what they are seeing. His pieces display an interesting synergy between drawing and sculpture, nature and abstraction. Wiesner’s work brings a meticulous, technical rigor to delicate and mundane materials, springing them to life. His wall reliefs seem to move and flow, using lines, shapes, and textures.

This exciting exhibition will open April 6th and run through April 29th.

Cinco Artistas |  

Opening: Friday, April 30th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through May 13th)

Dewey Blocksma |  

Opening: Friday, May 18th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through June 17th)

An immensely talented and well-known folk artist, Dewey Blocksma, is to be featured in this exhibition celebrating his creations. Using mixed media, Dewey Blocksma fashions figures that astound with their intricacy.
After earning a B.S. in Chemistry from Wheaton College in Illinois, and graduating from Northwestern University Medical School, Dewey Blocksma worked as an emergency room physician for ten years before becoming a full-time artist. During his years as an emergency room doctor, Blocksma put people back together, a skill transferred to his hobby of toy making and eventually his art; he began his artistic career as a way to relax and it slowly turned compulsive, a way of thinking with his hands, a complete departure from the intense requirements of his taxing day job. Considered one of the top 20th century American folk artists, Blocksma’s work exemplifies the genre. Dewey Blocksma marries his education, experience, and enormous talent into complex, beautiful, and empathetic sculptural pieces.
This incredibly exciting exhibition will open May 18th and run through June 17th. 

Cinco Artistas |  

Opening: Friday, September 7th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through September 30th)


Caza Sikes | Praising Picasso Exhibition 

Opening: Friday, October 5th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through October 28th)

Join us for an exhibition celebrating the wonderful fine artist, Picasso. Our artists will take on various works by the famous man and put their own spin on them, creating unique pieces that you won't see anywhere else! This event will garner appreciation in both art history and contemporary history fans, and offers a great introduction to many of the fine artists of our current generation. Come by and enjoy drinks and the great fun of interpretion!


Tres Taylor |  

Opening: Friday, November 2nd, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through November 25th)

Working with house paint and tarpaper, Tres Taylor creates incredibly scenes of vibrant color and quirky style. He tells the story of a monk who loves life so much that he sneaks out of his monastery at night to dance with Cuban Cha-Cha dancers. Wherever the monk walks, day lilies bloom in his footsteps. Tres Taylor also believes that there is music all around us and if we let it come through then we do some amazing things with our lives.

This amazing exhibition of works will open November 2nd and continue through November 25th





Tom Snider |  

Opening: Friday, November 30th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Will run through December 23rd)