The Friedlander Collection

Caza Sikes is excited to present The Friedlander Collection, amassed over multiple generations of a keen and enthusiastic collecting family.

The collection was assembled in 2 phases, spanning the better half of a century: first by Jane and Alfred Friedlander, with purchase history for individual works dating to the early 20th Century, and continued by Susan and William Friedlander, with works collected as recently as the 2000’s.

Notably, Jane and Alfred Friedlander collected important works from a group of respected and celebrated dealers in the 1950’s and 60’s. These include Theodore Schempp (1904-1988), a graduate of Oberlin College, personal friend of Georges Braque, and an expatriate dealer who navigated many works to Midwestern collectors during the middle of the 20th century. Original receipts of purchase on Schempp’s letterhead, as well as other correspondence, remain with the Collection related to included original works by Paul Klee and Georges Braque. Other important dealers are the famed Knoedler & Co. gallery in New York, and Gimpel Fils Ltd., a seminal European gallery which dealt in top modernists of the 20th century.



Susan and William Friedlander continued the trend of collecting modernist work, primarily via noted Cincinnati modern dealer Carl Solway. Led by a Tom Wesselman original still life as a highlight and a Saul Steinberg original mixed media work featured on the May 19, 1962 cover of The New Yorker, there are many works on paper by top 20th century artists assembled by the Friedlanders, including Magritte, Albers, Giacometti, among others. Additional works by well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva will also be included in the sale.

Many of the works in the Collection were heavily exhibited at institutions. This provenance is well documented, and in most instances exhibiting a clear and unbroken lineage to current day. In some extraordinary cases, such as the Braque, works were purchased directly from the artist.


Paul Klee at MOMA

Exhibited at MOMA

Paul Klee's Erwartender was displayed at MOMA in New York City from June 26 - September 9, 1951 in the exhibition titled Selections from 5 New York Private Collections from the Mr and Mrs. Clifford Odetts Collection.

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Braque at MOMA

Bird in Flight pictures at the 1951 Georges BRAQUE Retrospective show at MOMA, NYC. George Braque hand-picked Bird in Flight from his own private collection for his major retrospective exhibition at both the Cleveland Museum of Art and MOMA.

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Paul Klee painting

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