My paintings reflect a world view that recognizes the human desire to arrange, distill, and make sense of an infinitely complex and interrelated universe. What can be perceived is only an incomplete generalization of a vast network of information. Seeking the essence of things in this often overwhelming age of information, we assemble emerging bits and hints of pattern. As an artist of non-objective and abstracted form, I see my process of art-making as a way to allow a visual vocabulary express, with color and composition in the material world, ideas for which words are inadequate.

I find inspiration in the visual occurrences of everyday life where color, line, and form find just the right intersection to create a moment of satisfyingly raw beauty. It is those moments that offer the possibility of communion, not just communication, which is the elusive goal of the artist.

Chapman has her MFA from the University of Kentucky and has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions and public and corporate collections.




Brown Forman Corporation, Louisville, KY

RK Bruce and Associates, Louisville, KY 

BEC Electric, Louisville, KY

CandyRific, Louisville, KY 

Congressional Office of the Honorable John Yarmuth, Washington, DC 

First Southern Bancorp, Stanford, KY

Rooms at St Asaph, Stanford, KY 

National City Bank, Louisville, KY 

PNC Financials, New York, NY 

Swope Design Group, Louisville, KY 

Good Samaritans Secondary Academy, Delhi, INDIA

Ruggles Sign Company, Versailles, KY

University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, Lexington, KY

Carillon Corporation, Charlotte, NC